How to support YSS

Our Supporters are vital in helping us to fund our charitable work, making sure our programmes are accessible to those who need our help the most. We are immensely grateful for the individuals and organisations that support the work we do. Without them, we would not be able to deliver workshops free of charge.

There are many ways to support us: giving a donation, training to become a judge at events or joining us for a fundraising event planned for February 2022.

We hope that you will consider making a donation as a Supporter.  All the money you donate goes directly to the benefit of the young people who take part in our programmes.

Thank you for supporting the work of Young Speakers Scotland.

The Cooperative Bank p.l.c.
P.O. Box 250
Delf House
Sort Code: 089299
Account Number:  67221822
Account Name:  Young Speakers Scotland (SCIO)