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CPD for Teachers

Whether your school is new to debating, or you’d like your team to have some advanced coaching, Young Speakers Scotland can help!

We offer a range of CPD courses for teachers to introduce debating as a classroom tool, and also for teachers wishing to run extra-curricular debating activities. These courses are really practical, taking you to step by step through activities and techniques you can use with your pupils.

In addition to our full and half-day courses, we can also deliver workshops at your school for up to 20 teachers. This is a great way of encouraging cross-curricular work. We can also offer subject-specific courses, for example, our courses for science teachers.

We always tailor the workshops to the requirements of the group, but our standard workshops are: Debating in the Classroom; Introduction to Extra-curricular and Competitive Debating; and Advanced Debates Coaching.